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2022第二期101TOLK特邀Head of Global Operations Evans,GAMEFI/NFT/元宇宙,、Crypto clans深度解读,2022最强潜力股。

2022第二期101TOLK特邀Head of Global Operations Evans,GAMEFI/NFT/元宇宙,、Crypto clans深度解读,2022最强潜力股。

主持人:TODI 101 TOLK策划组

嘉宾: Evans Head of Global Operations

时间:2022.1.14 20:00 UTC+8

101TOLK特邀Head of Global Operations Evans,GAMEFI/NFT/元宇宙,Crypto clans深度解读,2022最强潜力股。



2022 Phase II 101TOLK Invited Head of Global Operations Evans, GAMEFI/NFT/Meta universe, Crypto clans in-depth interpretation, 2022 strongest potential stocks.

Moderator: TODI 101 TOLK Planning Group

Guest: Evans Head of Global Operations

Time: 2022.1.14 20:00 UTC+8

101TOLK Invited Head of Global Operations Evans, GAMEFI/NFT/Metaverse, Crypto Clans Deep Interpretation, 2022 Strongest Potential Stocks.

During the live broadcast, everyone keeps quiet, what questions can be raised in the free question session in the live broadcast, and the guests will randomly select answers ~ Now the live broadcast officially begins



大家好,欢迎各位来到Crypto clans官方电报群,我是今天的主持人TODI 。再次感谢各位行业KOL的到来,以及联合主办101tolk、、Defi大本营。直播内容将在Crypto clans官方电报群以及百大用户群同步直播。


Hello everyone, welcome to the Official Telegram Group of Crypto clans, I am today’s moderator TODI. Thank you again to all the industry KOLs for coming and co-hosting 101tolk, Borderlands, and Defi Base Camp. The live broadcast content will be broadcast live simultaneously in the official Telegram group of Crypto clans and the top 100 user groups.


本次直播嘉宾是 Head of Global Operations Evans,本次直播的主题是101TOLK特邀 Head of Global Operations Evans,GAMEFI/NFT/元宇宙,Crypto clans深度解读,2022最强潜力股。



The guest of this live broadcast is Head of Global Operations Evans, the theme of this live broadcast is 101TOLK special invited Head of Global Operations Evans, GAMEFI/NFT/Meta universe, Crypto clans in-depth interpretation, 2022 the strongest potential stocks.

Today’s live broadcast is conducted in the form of questions from the host and answers from the guests. Please, Evans, say hello to everyone!





Good evening, I’m Evans and it’s an honor to come and host this official community AMA in collaboration with 101tolk



可能群里很多朋友对项目还是很多不了解,您能方便简单解读一些 Crypto clans这个项目嘛?


Maybe many friends in the group still don’t know a lot about the project, can you easily interpret some Crypto clans projects?



Crypto clans是我们团队亲历打造的史诗级链游,结合链游和NFT玩法,地块玩法,将打造全新的元宇宙游戏世界,让大家深度沉浸式感受元宇宙的魅力,玩家通过经营自己的村庄,可以逐渐加强自己的力量,然后成千上万的玩家可以战斗。村庄达到一定水平后,还可以与其他村庄组成部落,在部落之间展开战斗。


Crypto clans is an epic chain game that our team has personally created, combining chain game and NFT gameplay, plot gameplay, will create a new meta-universe game world, so that everyone can deeply immerse themselves in the charm of the meta-universe, players can gradually strengthen their own strength by running their own villages, and then thousands of players can fight. After the village reaches a certain level, it can also form tribes with other villages and fight between the tribes.




The token of our project is COC, so what is the way for users to hold COCs, and what is the appreciation space of COCs in the future?





The platform currency as COC. The token is mainly used for circulation in the game ecology, and value transfer and circulation have been realized. The total amount of COC issued is 1 billion, which will be mainly used for the purchase and circulation of NFT assets issued under the platform; transactions between NFT assets and game assets under the platform.




COC will be the core of our ecological operation tokens in the future, user autonomy, user self-management, self-voting, in the future we will ecology throughout most of the blockchain ecology, including NFT  chain game  meta universe, as well as decentralized exchanges, lending, DAO and other ecosystems, holding COC is the opportunity to hold wealth double, we firmly believe that early COC holders will be the biggest beneficiaries.




COC will luanch tomorrow, what is its fair launch principle?



我们定于15日14:00(UTC)上线Pancakeswap,我们希望建立一种种动态平衡,并主要是由风险基金和投资者等市场决定,并降低投资者的未来风险,我们将释放机制融入进整个经济体系,建立了可信赖的早期所有权分配策略,无论是预售或是机构释放量,始终不会影响到整个COC价值走向,开盘后近乎0抛压。此外在COC代币经济中流通量也将始终控制在3%的固定值,日前未预售代币完成销毁也是重要方式之一。COC的公平发射不仅仅是根本性的颠覆,还将被证明Crypto clans整个出现的最重要的经济发展之一。

We are scheduled to launch Pancakeswap at 14:00 (UTC) on the 15th, we hope to establish a dynamic balance, and mainly by the venture fund and investors and other market decisions, and reduce the future risk of investors, we will release the mechanism into the entire economic system, established a reliable early ownership distribution strategy, whether it is pre-sale or institutional release, will not affect the entire COC value trend, after the opening of almost zero selling pressure. In addition, in the COC token economy, the circulation will always be controlled at a fixed value of 3%, and the completion of the destruction of tokens that have not been pre-sold is also one of the important ways. The fair launch of coc is not just a fundamental subversion, it will also prove to be one of the most important economic developments for the entire emergence of Crypto clans.



What is the relationship between blind box, NFT, and COC, and what prospects can the three of them bring to the crypto tribe ecology?




At present, our blind box and NFT are in the final testing stage, it is expected that we will meet with you soon, in our crypto tribe ecology, all hero characters are an independent NFT asset, they are placed by us in each different category of blind boxes, players can open the blind box to hold the NFT, and then get COC rewards through the challenge copy in the game. In general, the crypto tribe will form a benign economic closed loop of blind boxes, NFTs, and COCs in the game, and clever supply and demand relationships to drive the future value of COCs, which can earn huge profits while enjoying the fun of the game.




How to understand the economic value of blind boxes or COCs in crypto tribes? What is the future value of COCs




As a chain game of “playing while earning”, the bottom of the game economy will connect multiple game elements at the same time, the key factor COC is crucial. Players buy blind boxes through COC, and then participate in game copies through the NFT in the blind box, and get COC rewards from them, and the players in the whole process, not only the process of traditional games, through the value of NFT is no longer determined by speed, but the COC’s revenue cycle, the more rare the user holds the NFT, the faster the revenue cycle, the faster the blind box cost can be recovered in less than ten days. We promote the profitability of blind boxes and NFTs, and constantly expand the transaction circulation of COCs to achieve the close correlation between the two in the game ecology, so as to provide players with a real and touchable game economy, so as to truly break through the economic bottleneck of traditional games and metaversics, and completely integrate the sustainable development economy into the chain game ecology.


COC作为Crypto clans的价值呈现,随着游戏进程的开发以及更多生态融入,我们对于COC的未来价值也拥有充分的信心,15日上线保守在10倍预期,随着盲盒的需求增长,预期至少呈现出百倍上涨,未来,我们将持续创新打造COC成为千倍链游币。

COC as the value of Crypto clans presented, with the development of the game process and more ecological integration, we also have full confidence in the future value of COC, the 15th online conservative at 10 times the expectation, with the growth of demand for blind boxes, it is expected to show at least a hundred times the rise, in the future, we will continue to innovate to create COC to become a thousand times chain travel coin.





As a user, how to find the future in the crypto clans game or economic ecology?




As a chain game covering multiple types and economies, we fully face the needs of user groups, whether it is players/investors/institutions, to obtain their future value by constantly exploring the entire crypto clans ecology. Facing players, Crypto clans is a mature game that has been proven by the market, facing investors, the high integration of COC and game economy makes the future potential unlimited, as an institution, in terms of economic architecture and technological innovation, Crypto clans can make great strides forward through reliable and long-term planning. We believe that truly creating a game world that faces everyone to “play and earn” is an important step for us to work with users to promote the future.



Crypto clans有NFT交易系统嘛?我们目前是处在什么样一个开发阶段呢?

Does Crypto clans have an NFT trading system? What stage of development are we in at the moment?



我们目前依然属于项目初期,未来我们还有很长的路要走,目前Crypto clansNFT交易系统正在开发中,预测在链游上线前上线新官网,用户链接钱包后能直接参与到NFT的交易中来,我们即将推出卡牌盲盒系统,用户目前可以早期持有NFT卡牌,中国有句古话,做第一个吃螃蟹的人,未来我们的卡牌将会潜力无限。上线后用户可以自由交易卡牌,不管是收藏价值还是资本价值都具有巨大潜力。


We are still in the early stage of the project, the future we still have a long way to go, the current Crypto clans NFT trading system is under development, it is predicted that the new official website will be launched before the chain game is launched, the user can directly participate in the transaction of the NFT after linking the wallet, we are about to launch the card blind box system, users can currently hold NFT cards early, There is an old saying in China, do the first person to eat crabs, in the future our cards will have unlimited potential. After going online, users can freely trade cards, whether it is collection value or capital value has great potential.



Crypto clans前段时间出现了很多假冒项目,我们怎么判断我们买的是项目方正版发行的项目呢?

Crypto clans appeared some time ago a lot of fake projects, how can we judge that we are buying a project that is issued by the genuine version of the project?





Users can follow our official website and official gitbook, official Twitter, all our announcements will be posted through official channels, please do not trust any news within the community, so as not to be deceived.




A few days ago, the COC changed the distribution of economic tokens, what’s the reasons for the modification?



Crypto clans始终秉持公开透明原则,也始终认为将治理约束到严格必要的地方至关重要,并让社区拥有自治权利。COC的60%将由游戏挖矿产出,提升玩家的收益最大化同时,丰富游戏流通及收益场景,而剩余的37%处于锁仓状态,在严格的控制通缩情况下,市场仅3%比例用于流通,配合着不断的释放产出与销毁,COC总流通将始终控制在一个健康的恒定量,随着盲盒等游戏生态上线,COC的需求不断提升,综合保障COC的价值不断攀升。

Crypto clans has always been open and transparent and has always believed that it is essential to constrain governance to where strictly necessary and to give communities autonomy. 60% of the COC will be mined by the game, enhance the player’s income maximization at the same time, enrich the game circulation and revenue scene, and the remaining 37% is in the state of locking, in the case of strict control of deflation, the market only 3% of the proportion for circulation, with the continuous release of output and destruction, COC total circulation will always be controlled in a healthy constant quantity, with the blind box and other game ecology online, the demand for COC continues to increase, the value of comprehensive protection COC continues to rise.




What is our current token issuance mechanism, what is the distribution mechanism, and what are the future operating plans?



目前我们的总发行量是1,000,000,000 COC,分配机制如下:


Currently our total circulation is 1,000,000,000 COC, and the distribution mechanism is as follows:



At present, our tokens are mainly produced through the game, while early users can obtain quotas through the whitelist, we will mainly use the tokens for project development in the future, bringing you a better internal experience, we will also expand the worldwide publicity, the future we will not absorb new users, expand the richness of the player game world. In the future, we will launch the world’s major mainstream exchanges and decentralized trading platforms to facilitate circulation for everyone.



感谢Evans 本次的解读,我们也坚信,未来crypto clans能在2022优化更加稳定,期待NFT上线后大火,为元宇宙的发展做出巨大贡献。最后我们再次感谢项目方为我们解读此项目,本次AMA到此结束,大家可以关注官方通道,对本项目进行关注,感谢各位倾听。


Thanks to Evans’ interpretation this time, we also firmly believe that in the future, crypto clans can be optimized and more stable in 2022, and look forward to the fire after the NFT is launched, making great contributions to the development of the metaverse. Finally, we thank the project side again for interpreting this project for us, this AMA is over, you can pay attention to the official channel, pay attention to this project, thank you for listening.




Keep an eye on the follow-up progress and planning of our projects, here is the official channel


Contract address:0xb705dd4099dfac6e7f54492083fbd8167269f486

Official website: https://www.clashofclans.capital/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coc_crypto

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