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1) For those in our audience who have not heard of Dimitra, can you tell our listeners about the project and why it’s important?

对于我们的听众中没有听说过 Dimitra 的人,你能告诉我们的听众这个项目以及它为什么重要吗?

First off, thank you for having me here again. Your audience was so welcoming and supportive last time we had our AMA. I’m excited to be back! Dimitra is an international Ag-Tech company with a mission to deliver elegant and simple agricultural technology. We have 125 staff in 68 countries and we hope to double that number in 2022. Dimitra’s mission is to help 570 million smallholder farmers do three main things via our blockchain data driven platform: increase yields, reduce expenses, and mitigate risks. Dimitra is on a mission to solve food insecurity, food stability, food traceability, and improve people’s standard of living. Dimitra is a blockchain based solution that combines AI, Machine Learning, Sensors, Drones, Satellites and more. Think of Dimitra as the OS for Ag-Tech and the DMTR token as the thing that drives value in the Dimitra Ecosystem.

首先,谢谢你让我再次来到这里。 上次我们举行 AMA 时,您的听众非常热情和支持。 我很高兴能回来! Dimitra 是一家国际农业技术公司,其使命是提供简单的农业技术。 我们在 68 个国家/地区拥有 125 名员工,我们希望在 2022 年将这一数字翻一番。Dimitra 的使命是通过我们的区块链数据驱动平台帮助 5.7 亿小农做三件主要事情:增加产量、减少开支和降低风险。 Dimitra 的使命是解决粮食不安全、食品稳定性、食品可追溯性和提高人们的生活水平。 Dimitra 是一个基于区块链的解决方案,它结合了人工智能、机器学习、传感器、无人机、卫星等。 将 Dimitra 视为 Ag-Tech 的操作系统,将 DMTR 代币视为在 Dimitra 生态系统中推动价值的东西。

2) Is Dimitra listed on exchanges now? Where can our audience buy and support your project?

Dimitra 现在是否在交易所上市? 我们的观众在哪里可以购买和支持您的项目

Yes, Dimitra is listed on Kucoin, Uniswap, Gate.io, and Bitmart. Here is a link if you’d like to know about tokenomics, exchanges, circulating supply, and more : https://dimitra.io/token

是的,Dimitra 已在 Kucoin、Uniswap、Gate.io 和 Bitmart 上架。 如果您想了解代币经济学、交易所、流通供应等,请点击以下链接:https://dimitra.io/token

3) Why is the DMTR token important to the Dimitra project?

为什么 DMTR 代币对 Dimitra 项目很重要?

Great question! The $DMTR token is central to our platform and ecosystem. If you’d like a deep dive, you can consult our whitepaper here: https://dimitra.io/token and a good summary would be our: “Why Dimitra” article here: https://dimitratech.medium.com/why-dimitra-54bf7a662956. Each DMTR token acts as a catalyst for our internal farmer points program, our ecosystem programs, our Dimitra economy and our innovation programs. Within the Dimitra platform we have what we call our “Farmer Points Program” which incentivizes farmers to enter their data in the Dimitra platform. Once the data is entered, it is converted and our machine learning algorithms provide actionable insights for the farmers on how they can 1) improve their farming outputs ie. produce more food, 2) reduce their expenses (imagine using less pesticides or less fertilizer), and 3) mitigate risk (imagine being able to know that really hot weather is coming in advance to adjust what you do to your crops or what you plant). Another way to imagine the Dimitra Platform, is the farmer uses the Dimitra platform, and the farmer is given Dimitra points and then at a certain threshold level of points those points are able to be converted into Dimitra tokens and then the farmer can either buy ecosystem services within the Dimitra platform such as sensors or satellite services, or the farmer can exchange the Dimitra tokens into other crypto currencies or off ramp into their local fiat. We also offer staking within our platform to incent long term holders.

好问题! $DMTR 代币是我们平台和生态系统的核心。如果您想深入了解,可以在此处查阅我们的白皮书:https://dimitra.io/token,一个很好的总结将是我们的:“为什么使用 Dimitra”文章:https://dimitratech.medium.com/why-dimitra-54bf7a662956。每个 DMTR 代币都是我们内部农民积分计划、生态系统计划、Dimitra 经济和创新计划的催化剂。在 Dimitra 平台内,我们有我们所谓的“农民积分计划”,它激励农民在 Dimitra 平台中输入他们的数据。输入数据后,数据将被转换,我们的机器学习算法为农民提供可行的见解,让他们了解如何 1) 提高他们的农业产出,即。生产更多的食物,2) 减少他们的开支(想象使用更少的杀虫剂或更少的化肥),以及 3) 降低风险(想象能够提前知道真正炎热的天气即将到来,以调整你对作物或种植的做法)。想象 Dimitra 平台的另一种方式是农民使用 Dimitra 平台,农民获得 Dimitra 积分,然后在一定的阈值水平上,这些积分能够转换为 Dimitra 代币,然后农民可以购买生态系统Dimitra 平台内的服务,例如传感器或卫星服务,或者农民可以将 Dimitra 代币兑换成其他加密货币,或者转入当地法定货币。我们还在我们的平台内提供质押以激励长期持有者。

4) What is new since we last spoke with you?


A lot has happened since we last spoke. Dimitra signed a partnership with DroneX.AI which you can read about here: https://dimitratech.medium.com/dimitra-is-excited-to-announce-the-first-of-many-dimitra-ecosystem-partnerships-with-dronex-ai-5d74bb4c7008.

We were featured in CIO Magazine in December as one of the top 20 AI companies: https://magazine.cioreview.com/magazines/December2021/Artificial_Intelligence/. Dimitra signed an agreement with three NGO’s in Nepal to help 400,000 farmers in Nepal improve Tea and Cardamom production, help with exports, and more. Here is the announcement: https://dimitratech.medium.com/dimitra-brings-agtech-solutions-to-nepal-e4e74e2330c

Last, our most recent announcement is our entry into lending / borrowing and insurance solutions for smallholder farmers. If you’d like to know more please read here:


We will have more announcements coming out in the near future, so keep an eye on our social media channels for that information!

自从我们上次谈话以来发生了很多事情。 Dimitra 与 DroneX.AI 签署了合作伙伴关系,您可以在此处阅读:https://dimitratech.medium.com/dimitra-is-excited-to-announce-the-first-of-many-dimitra-ecosystem-partnerships-with -dronex-ai-5d74bb4c7008。

我们在 12 月被 CIO 杂志评为前 20 家 AI 公司之一:https://magazine.cioreview.com/magazines/December2021/Artificial_Intelligence/。 Dimitra 与尼泊尔的三个非政府组织签署了一项协议,以帮助尼泊尔的 400,000 名农民改善茶叶和豆蔻的生产,帮助出口等等。这是公告:https://dimitratech.medium.com/dimitra-brings-agtech-solutions-to-nepal-e4e74e2330c




5) What were some of your highlights in 2021?

您在 2021 年有哪些亮点?

​​There was a lot accomplished in 2021! Dimitra was listed on Gate, Kucoin, Uniswap and Bitmart. Dimitra won some large contracts with the Brazilian Fruit Growers Association which is the 3rd largest fruit growing nation in the world, in India we signed a deal for 1.3 million farms and another deal for 350k farms, we also signed a deal in Bangladesh for 1 million farms. Here is a comprehensive list of what we accomplished in 2021: https://dimitratech.medium.com/dimitra-2021-year-end-recap-d7b44b6766d5. Our country deals are very large, so we anticipate we will have a big impact on the blockchain community and farmers and communities around the world. Our accomplishments could not have happened without the help of our amazing internal teams, our developers, our Ag and Crypto partners like Unizen and Morpheus Network, and most importantly the farmers across the world and the associations that work with the farmers.

2021年取得了很多成就! Dimitra 在 Gate、Kucoin、Uniswap 和 Bitmart 上市。 Dimitra 赢得了巴西水果种植者协会的一些大合同,巴西水果种植者协会是世界上第三大水果种植协会,我们在印度签署了 130 万个农场的协议和另外 35 万个农场的协议,我们还在孟加拉国签署了 100 万个农场的协议 农场。 以下是我们在 2021 年完成的工作的完整列表:https://dimitratech.medium.com/dimitra-2021-year-end-recap-d7b44b6766d5。 我们的国家交易非常大,因此我们预计我们将对区块链社区以及世界各地的农民和社区产生重大影响。 如果没有我们出色的内部团队、我们的开发人员、我们的 Ag 和 Crypto 合作伙伴(如 Unizen 和 Morpheus Network)以及最重要的是世界各地的农民以及与农民合作的协会的帮助,我们的成就不可能发生。

6) What can we expect from Dimitra in 2022?

2022 年,我们对 Dimitra 有何期待?

Dimitra has big goals for 2022 and we hope to have agreements in place with over 20 countries, to have our SaaS model live, and to double our headcount and many more crypto partnerships. Over the next 4 years we want to have 100 million farmers using our platform. To put this in perspective, currently the world-wide number of crypto wallets is around 225 million so imagine the impact Dimitra will have! We will continue building, expanding Dimitra’s capabilities and delivering real value to farmers (our biggest goal) and improving people’s lives across the world. Dimitra is building an ecosystem and a worldwide community which is the key to our success.

Dimitra 为 2022 年制定了宏伟目标,我们希望与 20 多个国家/地区达成协议,让我们的 SaaS 模式上线,并让我们的员工人数翻倍并建立更多的加密合作伙伴关系。 在接下来的 4 年里,我们希望有 1 亿农民使用我们的平台。 从这个角度来看,目前全球加密钱包的数量约为 2.25 亿,所以想象一下 Dimitra 将产生的影响! 我们将继续建设、扩展 Dimitra 的能力,为农民提供真正的价值(我们的最大目标),并改善全世界人民的生活。 Dimitra 正在建立一个生态系统和一个全球社区,这是我们成功的关键。

7) Can you tell us about your recent announcement with Nepal?


Dimitra has partnered with three leading Nepalese agricultural organizations; Nepal Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd. (NMC), Jeevan Bikas Samaj (JBS) and Nepal Krishi Care Pvt Ltd. Dimitra is going to provide advanced agricultural technology solutions and will introduce regenerative crop and livestock methods to Nepalese smallholder farms. Dimitra’s goal is to enhance Nepalese farmers’ productivity, increase Nepalese farmers household incomes, and introduce sustainable farming methods for their Tea and Cardamom industries. If you’d like to learn more please read here:


Dimitra 与三个主要的尼泊尔农业组织合作; 尼泊尔多用途合作社有限公司 (NMC)、Jeevan Bikas Samaj (JBS) 和尼泊尔 Krishi Care Pvt Ltd. Dimitra 将提供先进的农业技术解决方案,并将向尼泊尔小农农场引入可再生作物和牲畜方法。 Dimitra 的目标是提高尼泊尔农民的生产力,增加尼泊尔农民的家庭收入,并为他们的茶叶和豆蔻产业引入可持续的耕作方法。 如果您想了解更多信息,请阅读此处:


8) Can you tell us about Dimitra’s plans for borrowing / lending and insurance?

你能告诉我们关于 Dimitra 的借贷和保险计划吗?

Absolutely thank you for the great question. Dimitra is going to use a CeDeFi strategy to provide capital and insurance to operations in the agricultural industry to provide farmers access to new avenues of funding and also to enable Ag-based centralized financial institutions to make an entry into the crypto market and share the risk and rewards by combining exciting new crypto concepts and solutions that will accelerate the world’s largest economic sector and also provide new opportunities globally. We are very excited to partner with leading DeFi lending and insurance companies and provide these solutions to the people who need them most.

非常感谢您提出的好问题。 Dimitra 将使用 CeDeFi 策略为农业运营提供资金和保险,为农民提供新的融资渠道,并使基于 Ag 的集中式金融机构能够进入加密市场并分担风险 通过结合令人兴奋的新加密概念和解决方案来获得回报,这将加速世界上最大的经济部门,并在全球范围内提供新的机会。 我们很高兴与领先的 DeFi 借贷和保险公司合作,为最需要的人提供这些解决方案。


1.will you come to our country for development in the future?


Absolutely, what a great agricultural market. I have worked in China many times and expect we will find partners that will help us expand our technology into the region

绝对,多么棒的农产品市场。 我在中国工作过很多次,希望我们能找到能够帮助我们将技术扩展到该地区的合作伙伴

2.With the development of block chain technology, there have been countless block chain projects in the market.But people prefer / will accept projects with truly use cases.Can you tell us about the actual use or solution of the transfer, help it?


Our platform is easy to use, available in multiple languages and provides farmers with advice to improve their farming operations. We have developed advanced analytics, machine learning, blockchain, IoT device integration and more… We have finished development of our base system and are implementing live around the world and have 4 development team building out projects for other countries that we have under contract.

There is a huge need in the world for stron AgTech

我们的平台易于使用,支持多种语言,并为农民提供改进农业经营的建议。 我们已经开发了高级分析、机器学习、区块链、物联网设备集成等等……我们已经完成了我们的基础系统的开发,并正在世界各地实施,并有 4 个开发团队为我们签订合同的其他国家/地区建立项目 .


3.Nearly 80% of investors only focus on the price of tokens in the short term, rather than understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to hold your tokens for a long time?

近 80% 的投资者在短期内只关注代币价格,而不是了解项目的真正价值。 您能告诉我们投资者长期持有您的代币的动机和好处吗?

We are growing very quickly adding contracts in Uganda, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Brazil and more countries. With each contract comes demand for our services by millions of farms. Each farm uses services like DeFi loans, purchases sensors, makes data available for data resale. These are large multi million dollar government contracts in most cases.

That provides utility and recycles revenue and value into to token. These are not short term projects but revenue is growing fast, creating value for token holders

我们正在迅速增长,在乌干达、印度、尼泊尔、孟加拉国、巴西和更多国家增加了合同。 每一份合同都会带来数百万农场对我们服务的需求。 每个农场都使用 DeFi 贷款、购买传感器等服务,使数据可用于数据转售。 在大多数情况下,这些都是价值数百万美元的大型政府合同。

这提供了实用程序并将收入和价值回收到代币中。 这些不是短期项目,但收入正在快速增长,为代币持有者创造价值



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