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先知专访Skill Labs:不要担心你的闲置NFT, 让它帮你轻松赚钱!

  •  嘉宾:Kate Khan ,COO of Skill Labs
  • 时间: 北京时间 5月20日 18:00
  • 地点: Seer Labs’ Discord



1.欢迎 Kate 做客SeerLabs,首先向大家介绍一下自己吧~
1. Welcome Kate to be a guest at SeerLabs. First of all, let me introduce myself to everyone~

A: I’m Kate, COO and Co-Founder of Skill Labs.  I first was introduced to crypto world back in 2018. But decided to go into crypto in the end of last year when Iskander (my co-founder) and I decided to found our own start-up and start this exciting journey.

大家好,我是Skill Labs的首席运营官兼联合创始人 Kate。 我第一次接触加密领域是在 2018 年。在去年年底,我和 Iskander(我的联合创始人)决定创办自己的初创公司并开始这段激动人心的旅程。

2.请向我们介绍下Skill Labs项目?

2.Please tell us about the Skill Labs project.

A:Skill Labs is a one-stop platform that brings transparency to GameFi for the first time. What we’re building:

— Real-time game yield analytics and health metrics: ROI, payback, etc

— Game agnostic CRM with 5 lines of code integration

— Assets lending on skill-based gamers marketplace

Skill Labs 是第一次为 GameFi 带来透明度的一站式平台。 我们正在构建的内容:

— 实时游戏收益分析和健康指标:投资回报率、回报等

— 具有 5 行代码集成的游戏 CRM

— 基于skill的游戏玩家市场的资产借贷


3.Can you please elaborate more on the tokenomics on $SKG token?

A: total number of tokens – 420 mln, we are going to distribute more than half of our pool to community as rewards for the members:

E.g. one of the drop we’ve launched lately is designed for:

  • Helpful community members. We want to make sure that our community is friendly and brings value to the members. Are you looking for an answer to your questions about GameFi? We’ll be there for you!
  • Blockchain games fans and early adopters. Have you ever played Bomb Crypto, CyBall, Thetan Arena, or Drunk Robots? We have a surprise for you! Stay tuned and follow us on Social media not to miss the updates!
  • Classical gamers, curious about Metaverse. We want to celebrate gamers and their achievements and welcome them to the community. Do such names as Fortnite, Valorant, COD: Warzone, and Warcraft sound familiar? Jump in, follow us, and don’t miss your reward!

Follow our socials to make sure you don’t miss the updates!

SKG代币总数 – 4.2 亿,我们将把一半以上的代币分配给社区作为对成员的奖励:

例如。 我们最近推出的其中一款产品专为:

1.乐于助人的社区成员。 我们希望确保我们的社区是友好的,并为成员带来价值。 您是否正在寻找有关 GameFi 问题的答案? 我们会在那里为您服务!

2.区块链游戏爱好者和早期采用者。 你玩过 Bomb Crypto、CyBall、Thetan Arena 或 Drunk Robots 吗? 我们有一个惊喜给你! 请继续关注并在社交媒体上关注我们,不要错过更新!

3.传统游戏玩家,对Gamefi充满好奇。 我们欢迎他们加入社区。 Fortnite、Valorant、COD: Warzone 和 Warcraft 之类的名字听起来熟悉吗? 加入我们,关注我们,不要错过您的奖励!


4.听起来不错!Skill Labs会将优质的游戏项目带给用户,那么Skill Labs在对游戏的选择上有哪些要求?

4.Skill Labs aims to bring good gamefi projects users, what are the criteria when it comes to selection projects?

A:We basically have two vetting processes. We have a lot of partners that contantly helping us to reach and collaborate with games that are not released yet. For these games, we have an assessment model based on:

— Devs experience in games

— Size and engagement of community

— Backers

— Game quality (mechanics, arts, etc)

— Economics design

— NFT marketplace health (if released)

For the games that are already released, we are taking more data based approach, where we assess key metrics, including:

— Economics: ROI, payback time

— Health: new users, new buyers, NFT mints/burns, token inflation

Going forward to DAO, we are planning to have our community a stake at which games to chose as well.

感谢,我们选择游戏上基本上有两个审查程序。 我们有很多合作伙伴不断帮助我们接触尚未发布的游戏并与之合作。 对于这些游戏,我们有一个基于以下的评估模型:

— 开发者在游戏中的经验

— 社区的规模和参与度

— 支持者

— 游戏质量(机制、艺术等)

— 经济设计

— NFT 市场健康状况(如果已发布)


— 经济学:投资回报率、投资回收期

— 健康:新用户、新买家、NFT 铸币/销毁、代币通胀

5.众所周知,AXIE引领了Gamefi 1.0,引爆了很多收益很高的项目例如RACA,Thetan等链游。现在Gamefi来到了2.0时代,出现了一些现象级游戏,例如big time等等,那么Skill Labs对链游的发展有什么看法,Skill Labs如何参与到Gamefi 2.0中

5.As we all know, AXIE led Gamefi 1.0, now that Gamefi has come to the 2.0 era, more AAA games have appeared in the market, such as big time.  So what does Skill Labs think about the development of gamefi ecosystem, and how does Skill Labs participate in Gamefi 2.0?

A:We want to bring web2 gamers to the world of web3. The games will follow themselves, or they will start loosing the audience. That is the exact thing that happened, when free-to-play begin to overtake pay-to-play. We also see that now, a lot of developers including big ones (like Gunzilla) are shifting to web3.

As for the gamers, main thoughts here are:

— Games become more competitive. In 1-2 years it will be harder to earn without competitive gamers. Most of the guilds are not prepared for that, cause these gamers are in web2 now. But we worked with them and they really really dream to be able to earn by gaming.

— In the end of the day, the platform that bring web2 gamers to web3 will win. Now it’s impossible to do on a large scale because of the games quality in web3. We partnered with some really great projects, who want and can onboard web2 gamers. But they will be releasing in 2023.

So short term it’s not the main focus for us and we remain focused on web3 gamers, running some experiments with web2 gamers to be prepared. 

我们希望将 web2 游戏玩家带入 web3 的世界。当免费游戏开始超过付费游戏时,这正是发生的事情。我们还看到,现在很多开发者,包括大公司(比如 Gunzilla)都在转向 web3。


— 游戏变得更具竞争力。在 1-2 年内,如果没有竞争激烈的游戏玩家,将更难赚钱。大多数公会都没有为此做好准备,因为这些玩家现在都在 web2 中。但我们与他们合作,他们真的非常梦想能够通过游戏赚钱。

— 最终,将 web2 游戏玩家带到 web3 的平台将获胜。由于 web3 的游戏质量,现在不可能大规模进行。我们与一些非常棒的项目合作,他们想要并且可以加入 web2 游戏玩家。但他们将在 2023 年发布。

所以短期内它不是我们的主要关注点,我们仍然专注于 web3 游戏玩家,对 web2 游戏玩家进行一些实验以做好准备。

6.Skill Labs有那些生态可以让用户参与呢?

6.How can end-users participate in the Skill Labs ecosystem? 

A: End user can:

— use our analytical dashboard to make data driven decisions and we hope that our analytics will help them;

— can lend us NFTs for us manage if you have some and you don’t play cause you don’t have time or you have more than you can actually play yourself;

— can use our CRM system if you have your own small or big guild to manage scholars and scale easily


— 使用我们的分析仪表板做出数据驱动的决策,我们希望我们的分析能够帮助他们;

— 如果您有一些 NFT 并且您不玩,因为您没有时间或者您拥有的比您自己实际玩的多,可以借给我们 NFT 以供我们管理;

— 如果您有自己的小型或大型公会来管理学者和轻松扩展,可以使用我们的 CRM 系统

7.由于近期Luna的下跌带动了市场的下行,但游戏依旧火热,我们也对Skill Labs的未来充满期待,Skill Labs未来发展路线是什么。

7.Due to the recent crash of Luna, the market has declined, but some gamefi projects are still hot. We are also looking forward to the future of Skill Labs. What are the future development plans of Skill Labs?

A: Fortunately we were not directly affected by Luna crash as we haven’t allocated company funds to UST or Luna token. Nevertheless the market has been slower these last several weeks than before, and that’s great time for us to continue building products and tools helping GamiFi. 

We’re awaiting the release of the dashboard v.1 within 1-2 weeks, stay tuned.

And also some other projects part will become available pretty soon.

Our mission is to make transition of web2 gamers, and we remember that there are more than 3bln gamers all over the world to web3 smooth and easy.

幸运的是,我们没有直接受到 Luna 崩溃的影响,因为我们没有将公司资金分配给 UST 或 Luna 代币。 尽管如此,过去几周市场比以前冷清,这是我们继续构建帮助 GamiFi 的产品和工具的好时机。

我们将在1-2 周内发布仪表板 v.1,敬请期待。


我们的使命是让 web2 游戏玩家过渡到 web3,让全世界有超过 30 亿玩家顺利轻松地过渡到 web3!

Free Q&A

Q.how to calculate nft rental rates according to CRM system?


A.CRM is not helping you to calculate that, our dashboard can help you here as it shows how much you can potentially earn if you buy NFT yourself.

if you decide to rent an NFT to someone, you define a decent level of earning to reward. We’re not making decisions for you, we help you here.

CRM 不会帮助您计算这一点,我们的仪表板可以在这里为您提供帮助,因为它显示了如果您自己购买 NFT,您可以赚取多少。 如果您决定将 NFT 租给某人,则您定义了一个可观的收入水平来奖励。我们不是为您做决定,我们在这里为您提供帮助。

Q.You said above that NFT can lend it to you, so how do you ensure the safety of this part?


A.Right now, we’re not doing lending technically, you lend as it’s designed by game. we can help you to select the game, to find disciplined and hard working scholars and track their performance to make sure your NFTs are utulized.

现在,我们不是在技术上进行借贷,而是按照游戏设计的方式借贷。我们可以帮助您选择游戏,找到纪律严明、努力工作的学者并跟踪他们的表现,以确保您的 NFT 得到利用。

Q.how  can we trust to lend NFT to you ?

我们如何信任将 NFT 借给您?

A.If you have in-game NFTs that are idle, you can come to us and we’ll find you a guild or a scholar and we will provide you the report how it goes. We do regular payouts on weekly or bi-weekly basis.

We take 5-10% of the total earnins, depends on the game health.

Also as I said, we always sign a contract.

如果您有闲置的游戏内 NFT,您可以来找我们,我们会为您找到公会或学者,我们会为您提供进展情况报告。我们每周或每两周定期付款。 我们取总收益的 5-10%,取决于游戏的健康状况。 也正如我所说,我们总是签订合同。

Q.How do you judge the skill level of a player?


A.we do a test, but it always works that it’s better to start working and see how the scholars preforms.

We do track them daily and beside being a good gamer a scholar we work with needs to be:

– disciplined;

– ready to learn more;

– honest;

if some of our basic rules are violated we take back NFTs and lend them to others in our wait list.


我们每天都会跟踪他们,除了成为一名优秀的游戏玩家之外,与我们合作的学者还需要: – 纪律严明; – 准备了解更多; – 诚实; 如果违反了我们的一些基本规则,我们会收回 NFT 并将其借给我们等候名单中的其他人。

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